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Understanding Funeral Rites

Post by: Calvin T. Mosher

Though many faiths from around the world rely on the same principles in order to send their dead into a peaceful afterlife, the rites and traditions vary from religion to religion.  READ ARTICLE

Tips for Planning Your Own Funeral

Post by: Calvin T. Mosher

Planning your own funeral is an important way for you to ensure the service happens exactly as you'd like. It can significantly reduce the levels of stress endured by your friends and family after your passing.   READ ARTICLE

Is Organ Donation Acceptable in the Jewish Faith?

Post by: Calvin T. Mosher

In the simplest and most straightforward terms, yes, organ donation is acceptable in the Jewish faith. In fact, saving another's life is viewed as one of the highest acts of virtue. Living donors can give a kidney, part of their liver, blood, or bone marrow if deemed safe to do so because these organs regenerate or can be lived without (you only need one kidney).  READ ARTICLE