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How To Write An Obituary

Post by: Brian Leffler

An obituary may be the first and last time your loved one appears in the newspapers. Written by someone close to the deceased, it is an intimate perspective regarding what is memorable about a life.  READ ARTICLE

Veterans & PTSD

Post by: Lou Sibula

It is important to remember the struggle so many returning veterans face when they return from serving our country. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is a psychological condition that affects those that have experienced a severe trauma in their lives.  READ ARTICLE

Honoring Veterans Day

Post by: Brian Leffler

It is a beautiful thing - the ability to truly honor a veteran who has served their country upon the event of their passing. The rendering of military funeral honors for a deceased veteran is a service that is mandated by law and provided free of charge to the eligible veteran's family.  READ ARTICLE