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Announcing the Death of a Loved One

Post by: Tripp Carter

When a loved one dies, surviving family members are faced with many responsibilities - including the responsibility to alert other friends and family members as to what has happened. In the age of social media, making a death announcement is more complicated than ever before, and it is important to approach this task with the appropriate etiquette.  READ ARTICLE

The Importance of Memorializing and Taking Quick Action with Cremated Remains

Post by: Tripp Carter

For most, it's essential to have a quiet, intimate season of family reflection—an opportunity for the closest relatives and loved ones to join together in remembrance. Cremation is well-suited for this because it allows the family to take their loved one’s cremated remains, housed in a decorative urn, and display it in their home for a short season.  READ ARTICLE

Helping Elderly People Through Grief

Post by: Tripp Carter

One of the toughest things about growing old is experiencing so much grief, watching close friends and family members pass away. This grief takes a toll and can often leave elderly people feeling chronically depressed.  READ ARTICLE