Why Is Having a Place to Visit a Loved One So Important?
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Following the death of a loved one, it's not uncommon to keep the cremated urns of that loved one in your home for a few days, allowing you a time of personal remembrance.

Sooner or later, though, it's always important to give your loved one a final resting place - whether that's a grave site, a niche in a columbarium, or a space in an urn garden.

Essentially, you want to have a location where you and other loved ones can go to visit your loved one - and there are a few reasons for this. One is simply that it makes it easier for everyone in the family to pay their respects. A relative may wish to go to the grave site to honor the deceased, something that's a lot harder to do if you simply keep the remains in your private residence.

It's also important to remember future generations. When your loved one has a permanent resting place, it allows descendants the opportunity to remember and to acknowledge the legacy of which they are a part of. What's more, burial records are important to future generations that might wish to research their family roots.

But more than anything, you and your loved ones will want a physical place you can go to be in the presence of your deceased family member. Those who scatter ashes but never give their loved one a permanent home often regret that they don't have such a place to gather, commemorate, and mourn.

There are a number of options to choose from, whether you want to lay your loved one to rest in a traditional cemetery plot or seek an alternative. Speak to our cemetery staff to learn more.


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