What Can I Do with Cemetery Property That is No Longer Needed?
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It is not uncommon for people to own their own burial plot - often as part of family-owned cemetery property. Life changes such as divorce, relocation, or even a change in religious beliefs can render this cemetery property unneeded or unwanted, however. When that happens, it may be time to sell the property.

The simplest option is to sell it back to the cemetery. This should always be your first step - seeing if the cemetery is willing to buy the plot back. Often, the answer will be yes. In fact, this is a request that cemetery owners receive more often than you might imagine, so don’t feel embarrassed to inquire about burial plot buybacks.

If that doesn't work out, check your state's laws, as different municipalities have different stipulations about selling burial plots. (Indeed, many require you to give the cemetery the right of first refusal—another reason to always begin there.)

Assuming you are legally permitted to sell the cemetery property on the secondary market, a quick online search should reveal much about the local marketplace. Note that some buyers are going to be hesitant to buy burial space from a private seller, and the places you’ll have the best luck are prime retirement destinations - Florida, Arizona, and Texas, in particular.

These represent a couple of different options for selling undesired cemetery property - but again, the safest solution is usually to ask about buybacks at the cemetery or funeral home itself. Make that your first step toward moving on from a burial plot you no longer need.


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