Charity During the Holiday Season
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During the holiday season, many of us are left to ponder not just the grief that flares up during the holidays but also "items" those we have lost have left behind.

And while some pieces are important to keep as family heirlooms and other personal reminders of those that have passed on, many items can be donated to those in need.

Preparing items for donation can be difficult. It makes you sort through the personal effects of someone you have lost and reexamine the person's life as they lived and may even bring up aspects and pieces that you did not know they had. Organization and taking your time is the best way to cope with some of the negative feelings associated with cleaning out the artifacts left behind by those we've loved and lost. Reach out for help from family when possible, they often should be involved in the process of what stays or goes. If that is not possible, the support of friends can help make the process a little less emotionally taxing, as well.

Large items like furniture, extra clothing, some electronics and other pieces can be donated to charities if they are in good condition. Organizations like The Goodwill or other local religious organizations. Many of these will even help you haul away large items or numerous donations. These donations are often tax deductible and work to ease the physical burden that loss can add to one's life while also giving back to help someone else's life a little easier.

Additionally, if you are planning a service for a lost loved one: you can request that in lieu of flowers that a donation can be made to a charity or cause that the deceased s closely affiliated with. Many organizations will accept donations in honor of someone who has passed on and those dollars will help those affected by similar conditions and ease the burden that illness puts on other families.

Donating to others during the holidays can help brighten the lives of families in need while also providing a tangible way to work through the pain of loss.


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