Clergy Appreciation Day
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This day is set aside to honor and thank the members of the church who so tirelessly serve the community and their parish family. As funeral care professionals, we work closely with the clergy and churches of many denominations to ensure a family's spiritual needs are met.

The clergy includes priests, pastors, Eucharistic ministers (for Catholics), deacons, bishops and many other roles within the church. These brave and compassionate individuals are responsible for performing many facets of church life from performing church services to facilitating prayers for those in need to helping the community. Many times, a priest or pastor is one of the first phone calls made after a loved one dies.

Funeral directors work with members of the clergy to help take care of the religious needs of grieving families during this difficult time. Clergy and other church members are vital to making sure the religious parts of funeral rites and burial are completed properly. Many religious traditions have very specific rituals and rites and these rites and practices are essential to a fitting and proper funeral service. For the religious that believe in an afterlife, proper burial is often vital to ensuring safe passage to the other side.

Additionally, for many families the local priest or pastor is a trusted healer and empathetic listener after the pain of a lost loved one. Through kindness, faith and prayer, many members of the clergy are integral parts of moving through grief with grace.

We appreciate each and every single member of our local clergy. Thank you for all that you do.


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