Are Commemorative Bibles Available From The VFW?
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Here's another instance where a knowledgeable Funeral Director can help expedite potentially complicated paperwork for a family. What the local chapter VFW Chaplin needs to see is a copy of the obituary and evidence that the Veteran was a VFW member. With that, the VFW will do all it can do provide the family with a Bible in commemoration of their loved one. If the family can’t locate membership evidence, the Funeral Director can reach out to the VFW Chaplin on behalf of the family. Most Funeral Directors have contact with the VFW Chaplin several times a year and all it may take is a phone call to locate the appropriate records.

Once the paperwork is assembled, a simple letter of request from the family, often written by the Funeral Director on the family’s behalf, is all that it will take. Since this is not a government program, the VFW relies on donated Bibles and donated funds to provide Bibles, but there haven’t been any reports of instances where a Veteran’s family who asked for a commemorative Bible was not given one.

Other organizations that families can request Bibles from in memory of their deceased Veteran include the Armed Services Ministry of the American Bible Society and The Gideons



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