What is a Vault?
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When a family member is buried, you naturally want to ensure that their final resting place is preserved in its proper condition. One way to do so is to use a vault.

But what is a vault, exactly? Think of it as a kind of protective outer layer for your loved one’s casket. Vaults are lined and sealed, and the casket is placed inside before it’s buried. The vault serves a few important purposes. One, it protects the casket from getting crushed by the weight of the earth, or by heavy landscaping equipment that passes overhead. And two, it safeguards the casket from rain and moisture damage.

Vaults don’t just protect caskets, though. They also protect the cemetery grounds more broadly, preserving the area’s natural beauty. The presence of a vault prevents the ground from shifting and settling, keeping the entire cemetery area flat and well-manicured.

When you look at vaults, you’ll see that they come in many styles and are made in different materials, ranging from copper to bronze to plastic. As you weigh the pros and cons of these different options, your best bet is to speak with your funeral director, who can guide you toward a vault that will give you some additional peace of mind.

Whether you’re pre-planning your own funeral or you’re seeking the ideal arrangements for a deceased loved one, the use of a vault can be wise. What’s more, many of today’s vaults can be personalized, and they come with robust warranties. Make sure you ask about each of these factors as you talk with your funeral home director.


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