How to Dress Appropriately for a Funeral Service
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Funerals are a way for the living to show respect for the deceased and to provide a place for mourning. Dressing for such an occasion is often one of the most important elements of funeral etiquette, and all attendees should know what to wear to meet the needs of the occasion in a tasteful manner.

Keep it Simple
Funeral services are not events for attendees to attract attention, and it is respectful to keep attire as simple as possible. It is imperative for guests to avoid wearing anything flashy - such as hats, jewelry or ostentatious clothing - as to not detract from the service. Women should take consideration to select a dress or outfit that follows a simple shape and is not too revealing.
Black is a standard color for mourning, and is always the safest choice. However, neutral, darker colors are generally acceptable depending on the nature of the service. Men will typically wear black suits, black dress shoes and a white dress shirt adorned with a neutral tie. Women have the option to wear black dresses, as well as sensible, dark blouses and pants. Formal black shoes are standard for women attending funerals.
It is imperative for all guests to make sure their outfits are clean pressed for a respectful presentation. Carefully select all pieces and have them dry cleaned for a crisp and conservative appearance.
It can be difficult to plan funeral services around the weather, which can present some clothing challenges for attendees - especially those at a gravesite burial. When needing to add coats and jackets - in rainy or cold weather - remember to keep a reserved appearance that is still comfortable. In hotter temperatures, guests should stray from revealing too much and opt for clothing that is made from lighter fabrics.


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