Honoring Veterans This Memorial Day
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Memorial Day is upon us and while for many that means a long weekend away from work and barbecues with family and friends for many more it's an important day to remember those who gave their all protecting the freedom us citizens enjoy so much.

So before we go through another mattress day sales catalog or hunt for another low cost auto deal, here are a few tips for honoring those brave men and women this Memorial Day.

Many church groups, Veteran's Affairs local groups and other community and religious organizations take Memorial Day as a day to place flags on the graves of veterans both known and unknown. These groups will often accept volunteers to help them with their task of placing each flag one by one is a fantastic way to honor the legacy of fallen military personnel.

Consider donating your time to a funeral home or genealogy society that helps to clean and restore the headstones, grave markers and gravestones of fallen soldiers. Many headstones, grave markers and other monuments face disrepair and damage at the hands of weather, time and sometimes unfortunately vandals. Donating your time to clean up some these grave markers is a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate the sacrifice these brave men and women have made.

There are also genealogy societies and veteran's affair societies that try to place names to the graves of unknown soldiers using records, military reports and draft information. Putting names and faces to these unmarked graves can help families and communities better honor the fallen and donating a little bit of your time to help go over records can really make an impact.

This Memorial Day, while you enjoy a day with friends and family, consider giving some of your time to help honor the memory of those who gave their all and keep this day sacred.

Happy Memorial Day from our family to yours.


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