125 Decisions We Make When Someone Dies
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 When a loved one passes away, it’s always emotional—in some cases traumatic. And yet, there’s not always time to sit and to grieve, at least not at first. There are a lot of practical matters that you have to attend to, and decisions you must make, to ensure a proper memorial service and burial.

Just a few of these tasks include:

  •      Gathering the proper paperwork
  •      Completing the necessary documentation
  •      Calling relatives and friends
  •      Communicating with the funeral home
  •      Paying for the necessary services
  •      Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements

It’s a lot to take in, and during a season of grief, it can be difficult to remember everything. That’s why we’ve created a guide—a full list of 125 things you need to do, and decisions you need to make when a loved one dies.

We invite you to download the full list today, as our gift to you. Just share a little information about yourself to receive your free checklist.



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