National Police Week Awareness
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Police Officers are the unsung heroes of the community. Every day they face adversity, danger and hostility in the name of keeping our homes and public spaces safe. While many officers know that their cities support them, there are plenty of ways to help support police officers and their families.

Donate or volunteer your time to a local police association. Cities across America has special organizations set up to assist and show their dedication to police officers and the brave work they do. The donations often go towards ensuring that retired officers are supported and that active duty officers are shown the respect they deserve.

Consider dropping by food or first aid kits to your local police office. Donations of food be it homemade or from a local establishment. Police officers work long and difficult hours and having someone bring in a catered meal or a sweet treat can help make a tough job a little easier.

Supporting the men and women who keep our homes and communities safe is a vital part of maintaining our social fabric. They sacrifice their time and sometimes their lives so that we can go about ours safely. This National Police Week, approaching soon, we ask that you take a moment and reflect on some of the things our men and women in uniform do for us that go unnoticed or unrecognized. Thank an officer if you get a chance. Know that we Back the Blue and support our law enforcement officers both active duty and retired.


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