Bereaved Spouses Month
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Losing a loved one is never easy but losing a spouse or life partner can be especially painful. April is Bereaved Spouses Month and in the spirit of the month, here are a few tips for supporting those who have lost a life partner or for those who have recently lost a spouse or life partner.

Do your best to be supportive to a friend or relative who recently lost a spouse: losing someone is always difficult but losing a life partner can be alienating and emotionally crippling at any age. Offer to bring over a meal or to simply offer your time and company. Respect that sometimes after a recent loss, some do not want company. Remember that spending time with someone doesn't always mean spending physical time together: sometimes a phone call or short text message is enough.

Consider taking a useful class together. Many times, after a spouse dies, there are gaps left in their loved one's life. Things like learning to cook for one or learning to cook at all, balancing checkbooks or simple housework can sometimes be bewildering to the recently bereaved. Taking a class on these topics can provide much needed social opportunities for the recently bereaved while also providing much needed life skills.

Encourage a hobby can be done with friends or alone. These hobbies can be anything from painting to gardening or photography. Trying new things can help ease some of the pain of grief for some and learning a new skill can help the transition into a new potentially more independent phase of one's life.

Helping those that have lost a loved one or spouse can be a rewarding aspect of supporting someone's grief journey. This Bereaved Spouses Month, keep your heart open, your time flexible and your mind compassionate.

For resources on bereavement and loss, feel free to visit our funeral home for more information. We will be happy to assist you.


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